The Marinko and Madlinka Family

by admin on August 23, 2009


As it turned out, on our very first trip  we were assigned to the home of Marinko and Madlinka Pavlovic1. This is a picture of them and their son and daughter, Thomas and Anna. Thomas is now a college graduate with a degree in Physical Education (he is an outstanding soccer player and co-captain of the local mens soccer team). One difficulty is that even with a college degree he cannot get a job anywhere, because they cannot afford even a used car, and with no car, there is no job. Anna will be a college freshman, and is going to school in Mostar. She takes a local bus each morning at 7:00 for the 45 minute trip, and hopes to someday to be a grade school administrator.

Marinko has worked at the APRO winery in Citluk (about 5 miles from Medjugorje) his whole life. The winery was heavyly damaged during the war in 1994 and has never been completly repaired.  Marinko has not received a full days wage since 1994, but still goes to work each day for a couple of hours because the company continues to pay the medical insurance for his family. Since Marinko has no income, Madlinka now works 12 to 14 hours a day as head cook at a 3 story Italian hotel in Medjugorje that caters exclusively to pilgrims from Italy. Commercial travel agencies in Italy bring in tours of 60 to 110 at a time and Madlinka is responsible for preparing 2 meals a day for each tour while they are in town. Needless to say, Anna does the cooking at home most of the time, as Mom has no time after a 14 hour day for much of anything. Marinko tends a huge garden at home as they sell fresh vegetables and produce to 2 hotels in town; that helps the family income alot.

As you might imagine, being able to house pilgrims directly without giving up half of the income to the large travel agencies was a boost to these families while it lasted. But when the agencies built their own hotels, these families were left high and dry. Marinko and Madlinka have not had a group of pilgrims at their home for over 6 years. This holds true for all of Marinko’s neighbors and relatives who have been in the same situation for the same period of time. The income from the sale of the rosaries we have has helped these families survive and educate their children.

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Leo June 12, 2015 at 1:24 am

, there is something about sainyg the rosary while driving that turns one’s mind to mush. Paying attention to the road, meditating on the mysteries and sainyg the Hail Marys all at once is not really doable. It is possible, though, to focus on the Hail Marys and drive at the same time, just as it is possible to have a conversation.Still, as much time as this may seem to open up for prayer for commuters and those who drive for a living, if my experience is any guide, less is more. In other words, it is not a setting that lends itself to protracted prayer. Even sainyg one rosary well in this way is a real feat, and attempting more tends toward distraction and mindless repetitions. My two cents.

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