Q: How does my purchase help the families of Medjugorje?

A: The profit made from the sale of these rosaries is returned to the very families who helped assemble them. They are the ones who asked us to help them, and they are the ones we want to help. Your purchase will quite literally help these families pay for the education of their children and grandchildren.

Q: How can you guarantee that your stone comes only from Apparition Hill (Podbrdo)?

A: The stone beads used in our rosaries are purchased directly from Mr. Zeljko Sego, a native of the hamlet of Bijakovici, which is located directly below the “Hill of Apparations” in Medjugorje. Mr. Sego personally guarantees that every stone bead he supplies comes only from the “Hill of Apparations”. He is the only religious goods supplier in Medjugorje that will make this guarantee, and we are the only source outside of Medjugorje that has access to his stone. We have included (below) a picture of the business card of Zeljko Sego, which lists his phone, fax, e-mail, and internet numbers. Anyone is welcome to contact him directly to make an inquiry.

Q: How do your stone rosaries compare to other websites?

Q: Can I buy just the beads?

A: No, you cannot just buy the beads. The whole point of our effort is to help the native families of Medjugorje. It is the families that  assemble the rosaries and that is where they make their up front income. Any profit that we make on our end will also help the families as described earlier.

Q: Are there any other styles available?

A: If we are successful in turning an initial profit to return to the families, we will attempt to offer different styles of rosaries with different medals and crucifix’s. We just started offering the rosary bracelets this August. We brought a supply back with us in June, and have four different styles available.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes, if shipping cost is not available for your country upon checkout, please email us and we will add it to the shopping cart system.

Q: What is the Desiderio logo and how does this ensure authenticity?

A: Mr. Zeljko Sego is our religious goods supplier who is a native of the hamlet of Bijakovici in Medjugorje. Desiderio is the Italian translation of his first name (Zeljko) and means desire or wish in English.  Most of his religious goods are marked with this logo or trademark, and all of the religious goods shops that he owns are also named Desiderio. Thus, anyone who purchases goods from his shops in Medjugorje, or who purchase rosaries from SMC Divine Mercy Memorial are guaranteed that their purchase is genuine. All of Zeljko’s original or unique religious items  sold in the Desiderio shops  are stamped with the Desiderio trademark. Because of manufacturing and assembly limitations not every rosary item we carry will have the Desiderio trademark stamped on it. However, with the information we provide on our website and the ability to contact Zeljko directly, you can be assured that   SMC Divine Mercy Memorial is the only distributor outside Bosnia that is authorized to sell and distribute religious goods under the Desiderio trademark.

We are very proud to have this position of trust with Zeljko. He is one of the most respected residents and a native of Bijakovici. This agreement was reached in  June of 2007 and we hope it will continue for a long time.

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