Medjugorje Rosaries, Over 30 Years of History

medjugorje churchThirty one years have passed now since our first visit to Medjugorje in 1987, 36 years since the Blessed Mother first appeared to the young visionaries in 1981. In the early days of Medjugorje, local families would open their homes to house pilgrims.  This arrangement provided a great experience for pilgrims and a source of very much needed income for the local families.  Now at the end of 2016 there is housing for approximately 45,000 people within one half mile of St. James Church. Nearly 80% of those 22,500 rooms are owned and operated by outside interests, from commercial travel agencies to wealthy investors from other European nations. Big money has its grip on the majority of all commerce and trade in Medjugorje, be it hotel rooms or the sale of religious goods in any of the hundreds of shops throughout the area. Very simply, most of the native families of Medjugorje have been squeezed out by big money merchants from the outside.

Having traveled to Medjugorje many times and taking private religious tours there we decided five years ago to try and help the families who have been left behind; the families that live farther away from St. James Church and have not had a single pilgrim stay with them in over six years. These families have not sold their land to outside interests because they don’t live close enough to the Church. The travel agencies don’t need their rooms or home cooked meals because they have built their own hotels that have large dining rooms that accommodate hundreds of people at one location.

Our Mission…

Our friends who live in the small hamlet of Dolac asked us if we would help them, as they found themselves in the very situation described above. They spent their family savings to remodel or make an addition to their existing homes to accommodate visiting pilgrims. But they have not been able to compete with the huge building blitz that has consumed Medjugorje during the past five/six years . Five story hotels are now within 750  feet of the front steps of St. James Church.

Apparition HillOur success in selling the hand made rosaries with stone beads fashioned only from stone taken from “The Hill of Apparitions” has been modestly successful, and the families are very thankful to all our patrons who have helped them the past three years. We have sold hundreds to patrons from Australia to the Philippines, from Canada to England to Mexico. We are all thankful for their support and we will continue in our effort to help these good families of Medjugorje for as long as the Blessed Mother should allow.

Our Unconditional Guarantee…

Each rosary comes with an unconditional guarantee: we will replace, repair or refund purchase price on any rosary for any reason; just return it to us with your request. We can absolutely guarantee that each bead of every rosary we offer is authentic and comes only from Podbrdo -the Hill of Apparations. We know well that their are many other religious supply outlets who offer so called “authentic” stone bead rosaries from Medjugorje. We guarantee that our stone is authentic. We can do that because our supplier is Mr. Zeljko Sego, a native of the Medjugorje area, who was born and still lives in Bijakovici, the hamlet that lies at the foot of Podbrdo – The Hill of Apparitions. Zeljko’s office and home is just across the road from where the visionary Vicka Ivankovic’ was born and raised.

Our only interest in this effort is to help the native people of Medjugorje so that they might have a chance to raise and educate their children in a way that would dignify their sacrifices to host the religious pilgrims of the world who come to Medjugorje looking for spiritual direction from the Mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Dedication…Cross Mountain

While our proceeds are given back to Medjugorje, our efforts are dedicated in the name of a religious nun who was a member of the religious order “Comunita’ Mariana – Oasi della Pace”, The Oasis of Peace”. Her name was Sr. Mary Crucified of the Divine Mercy. She died in July of 2001 near St. Louis, Missouri. We first met her in the fall of 1990 when she was living at Veronica’s House In Medjugorje. A year later she was accepted into the Oasis of Peace as a novice and was moved to the community located in San Paulo, a very small village just north of Rome, Italy. Later, she was moved to the community in Passe Corese, about 30 miles closer to Rome because she suffered from the disease of lupus, was a diabetic and had a congenital heart disorder. As Sr. Mary’s health continued to deteriorate, it was decided that she had to come to the States for advanced medical care or she would have no chance of survival. That step was taken in April of 1994. For a few years St. Mary’s health improved because of the medical care she received; but eventually, buy the end of 1998 it was becoming more obvious that her medical condition was getting steadily worse. By the Fall of 2000 her physical situation was again serious and her doctors had exhausted all combination s of drugs known. The heavy medications had taken their toll. Because she had not taken her perpetual vows as a religious in the Oasis of Peace due to her move to the States, the superior of the order, Fr. Gianni Sgreva decided every effort would be made to correct this before she died. As providence would have it, a newly ordained priest of the order, Fr. Maximillian, was flown to St. Louis from the community in Jamaica and Sr. Mary took her perpetual vows at a special Mass arranged for her at her bedside at DePaul Hospital in St. Louis. Thus, our efforts are under the name of SMC Divine Mercy Memorial.

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